Stop wasting your time, your efforts, and your sanity.

Stop wasting your time, your efforts, and your sanity.








Think about who you are following right now, you might want to ask yourself this question…“Have they ever truly proved anything to me?”



When you sit back and think about the leaders you follow, whether you want to believe it or not, you are following them because you believe they are gonna help your bank account rise.



Therefore giving you a lifestyle and more freedom……

Am I right?


Look…Anybody can put on a show…



But real transparent leaders are willing to sit you down, and bring you behind the closed doors.



They have nothing to hide!



Watch out who you are following…



Are they really living the lifestyle they say they are?






Let’s get real…..


Raise your BS meter and start really investigating who you are following.





You become like the people you associate with the most, so if you are following someone, make sure their lifestyle is somewhat in line with your future one.



Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars are being wasted everyday because someone simply trusts they are “buying into a new life.”

  • Platforms, that claim to make you back thousands, hundreds of thousands above the cost.
  • Just sign up 2, or 3, or 4 people!
  • Pay this small set-up fee, buy that “small” component.







Did you REALLY think this was the magic “do it all” wonder system that was going to actually answer your prayers?








  • Only screen shots
  • Text on the screen
  • Push button nonsense
  • Algorithm schemes
  • Old success stories




Make sure before you hand over your hard earned money to better your life, there are clearly people around, that are having success with what you are about to do.

  • 90% of you are failing and it’s costing YOU and YOUR FAMILY a lot of money.
  • Not to mention stress, despair, bewilderment when after three months you aren’t making crap!



Think about it…


I ask you…To check even deeper…And think even deeper about what they are trying to sell you on.



You wanted to come online, sell a few products and be tomorrows next Mark Hoverson, Jonathan Budd, or David Wood?


Did you seriously think it was really “THAT EASY”!?


Everyone would be a millionaire if it was!


You cannot walk into the online world with little to no training, no plan of attack, and no guidance and expect to make money?


Sorry… but you might at well quit now if that’s that you think.


Stop wasting your time, your efforts, and your sanity.








Wake your ass up to the realization of a sustainable model that will actually outlast the test of time for you and everyone around you that will get impacted by it.



You know what that sustainable model is?


Pure wisdom
Pure leadership
Pure truth of power
Pure heart centered living
Pure family style atmosphere
Pure connections of love
and…..No BS & Pure Legacy Building!



The the real secret is…to upgrade your value, to where, no matter what you are doing moving forward…People will be attracted to what you have to say…



Your voice creates the legend.



Legendary success comes from legendary wisdom and value.



Not a shiny object



We need to help people to stop chasing old success stories, shiny objects, and push button software crap…And start teaching people how to build true, long lasting legacies, that will sustain the test of time.



Now it’s time to just keep deep seeding these roots and impact more people daily…



Guess how that happens?



Wisdom = Action = Influence = Income.



Once you understand what I said above you will really start taking massive action, and get success…




You will have haters that pop out…

  • Haters only hate, because they want what you have, or they want your vision for their future, and they can’t get themselves to believe it…
  • Otherwise they wouldn’t say anything at all.
  • Guess what haters will do for your future?
  • Nothing.
  • So brush em off and move on.




There is no-stone left unturned when it comes to the value that we are providing you with ILN.

  • There is no secrets left under the table…
  • You want the freedom lifestyle…



Then all you have to do is say YES……and then take MASSIVE action…



If you are lazy… I can tell you this is not for you.






If you truly want to make a change in your life…



Then the Internet Lifestyle Network has everything it takes to become a success story and take your family on a journey they never knew was possible.



Click here now to make a choice….and take your life and business to the next level!



You must understand that only 2% of people who ever venture online to make a dollar actually DO end up making an income worth telling friends about!



Here’s what you MUST have if you’re ever going to
become successful online…

  • …the right mindset to accept money and to accept you (yeah really)
  • … leadership skills (if you need to ask why… don’t read any further)
  • … your health (money is no good if you are dead)
  • … a community of support all day, everyday (you WILL need help)
  • … the proper tools and training (read this twice!)
  • … a real tangible product actually worth promoting (you can’t sell air.. yet)



When your done playing “internet marketer” come and see where some of the biggest 8-figure online entrepreneurs are proudly hanging their hats these days!


Come and hang your hat here too…..CLICK HERE!




 The choice is always yours…



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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  1. Hi Joan,

    Great message! This is why I document my world travels by picture; sure a photoshop whiz could fix a few but no way does he have the time to fix all LOL!! Also, I stress smart, persistent action helped me live the life I live. No shortcuts here. Yep it becomes easier to churn out page and snag big traffic numbers and make money online AFTER months and years of hard work.

    Sow. Reap. I get over 8500 views daily on Cash With a True Conscience after diligently creating valuable posts and making strong connections over years. This is how it works. Anybody who promises the reaping without the sowing should be avoided.

    Thanks Joan!


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