Without This One CRUCIAL Aspect Your Content is Doomed to Fail

What Is That ONE CRUCIAL Aspect  Your Content Needs To NOT Fail? 



There is ONE CRUCIAL aspect that if your content lacks this, or doesn’t provide enough of it, you won’t achieve more than a marginal amount of success.


This ONE CRUCIAL Aspect is VALUE, But Not Just ANY  Value…….



It’s the kind of value that comes from a genuine caring for your audience and the issues that plague their lives.

You may publish an epic article on how to get high paying clients, but if the purpose of your content marketing is to attract clients, you’ve missed your market entirely.

“Don’t write for other professionals in your industry. Write for the people your industry serves, because it’s them who decide whether you’re an authority or not”……says 

If you produce content with a genuine caring for the wants, needs, and desires of your audience, they will reciprocate this value by seeking out your services when they’re in a time of need.

The Concept of Content Marketing in a Nutshell

Your customers think that if you give away this supremely valuable information for free, your paid services must be even better.

It builds the trust that breaks down a buyer’s apprehension to purchase what you offer.

That’s the theory behind content marketing, and why so many people are realizing the value it has in business.

Your first goal is attracting the audience who will become customers with the right amount of trust in your authority and exposure to your brand.

5 Ways You Can Make Money From Your Content


The methods you pursue will depend on your audience and your goals.

Weigh your options, and decide which of the following methods will resonate with your audience the best:

1. Copywriting

  • Copywriting is writing with the specific goal of getting people to take a desired action.  
  • The most famous piece of copywriting is the call to action.
  • Sprinkle these throughout your copy.
  • Calls-to-action are gentle commands that direct your readers to take a certain action. (Click Here, Subscribe Here, Download This Ebook)
  • What provides the best chance of getting your readers to take the action you want?
  • Telling them exactly what you want them to do.
  • When you promote your products and services within your content, do it tastefully and with a clear call to action.

2. Natural linking

  • Natural linking involves taking part of a sentence that directly relates to another piece of content (or product) and simply making it the anchor text for a link to that content.
  • There’s no direct plug or call to action so it’s less likely that our target audience will click on it.
  • But it sparks curiosity in the reader to find out what information lies beyond that link.
  • If you don’t hit your target audience, you may attract people whose friends or coworkers will want to buy your stuff, so don’t shy away from linking to your services whenever it’s appropriate.

3. Affiliate promotions

  • Affiliate promotions work like this:
  • You promote someone else’s product on your website.
  • Prospects click and are taken to a landing page on that person’s website, using a link that’s unique to you.
  • If prospects buy the product after clicking through with your link, you receive a predetermined percentage of the price as commission.
  • If you’re thinking about taking the affiliate marketing route, here are a few suggestions:
  • Be completely and utterly honest about your affiliation.
  • Only promote products you have used yourself and would recommend to other people, even if you weren’t getting a commission.
  • Let your audience know this is your criteria for affiliate promotions. And if they decide to purchase, they will be helping you continue to provide a valuable service.
  • Incorporating affiliate links and promotions can make your content marketing campaigns very lucrative.

4. Repurposing and repackaging your content

  • Repurposing means taking your existing content and repackaging it into a paid product (and eBook for example)
  • Using an eBook as the foundation for a paid video course
  • Taking some of your best blog posts and creating a paid email autoresponder course
  • Taking your best content, creating a membership area of your site, and allowing only paying members to access this content
  • It’s a way to receive extra revenue without putting in extra work creating new content.

5. Content-based products related to your other services

  • No matter your industry, you can create content-based products to sell on your website that will be of value to your audience.
  • You can then funnel people to these products through the valuable content you’re churning out (i.e. from blog posts, videos, webinars, infographics, slideshows, presentations, audio, interviews, etc.)
  • You’re always providing value, but using your content as a magnet to help people trust the value inherent in your products.
  • It all comes down to creating content that solves the same problems your products solve.
  • Otherwise, it’s not valuable. It’s just content.
  • For your content to have any impact, you have to genuinely care about the issues that plague your audience by being empathetic.
  • Talk to them.
  • Find out what those issues are.


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Content Marketing as an Exchange of Value

Content marketing is about facilitating an exchange of value between business and consumer.

Because the more value your business provides, the more it improves your customer’s lives and the more fulfillment they get.

By attributing this fulfillment to your business, they will build trust and establish a connection with your brand.

As they trust and connect with your brand more and more, they see it as their number one choice to seek those specific services.

This is so powerful because it goes above and beyond everything out there, it provides a new perspective people haven’t seen before, and it changes a part of someone’s life that matters to them.

Valuable Content Educates Your Audience

  • Combine multiple forms of media to give your reader a full sensory experience for example:
  • Images that relate to what you’re discussing
  • Videos that further dissect the topic
  • Infographics to organize information into a nice visual format
  • Screenshots to not only tell the reader what to do, but show them
  • Links to other sources of valuable content that will deepen the reader’s understanding
  • Educate the reader to do business with you, right up to the level just below your paid services.
  • Teach them so much that their only logical next step is to seek your services.
  • When it comes right down to it, you’re dealing with people.
  • Your ROI is people.
  • Your social shares are people.
  • Your sales, your subscriptions, your comments; it’s all people.



What All of This Means for Your Business

  • It’s time to ask yourself some tough questions:
  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • Why does your business exist?
  • What is the supreme value you’re providing?
  • Who will get the most out of this value?
  • How are you going to provide it to them?
  • Are you hitting the right pain points with your audience?
  • Will your content resonate?
  • Who are the people you can help out the most?
  • Who needs and craves your services in their lives?
  • How much do you genuinely care about your audience (the people you serve) ?



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Once you can honestly and completely answer these questions, you will have a framework laid out for a content marketing strategy that grows your business, and that’s a business that makes the world a better place….and that’s what it’s all about 🙂

If you enjoyed this post and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share…..Thank you 🙂

Sharing IS Caring!

To Your Sucess,
Joan Harrington

(P.S. **Grab my Guide To Blogging For Business Owners HERE )

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40 thoughts on “Without This One CRUCIAL Aspect Your Content is Doomed to Fail

  1. I find your posts so helpful, Joan. Just gentle reminders to keep doing the little (and big!) things that can really make a difference, like ‘natural links.’ I really appreciate it!

  2. susanmarymalone says:

    Okay, you really go my attention right off the bat, Joan, with: “Don’t write for other professionals in your industry. Write for the people your industry serves, because it’s them who decide whether you’re an authority or not”……says Michael Karp
    That truly helps me frame things.
    Thank you for all these great tips!

  3. Tamuria says:

    These are great tips, Joan, and come at a perfect time for me. I’ve been thinking about where to take my blog from here and your advice is invaluable – thank you.

  4. Carol Rundle says:

    Great info, Joan! I try to write my blog posts as if I were writing to a specific person, my avatar. That helps keep me focused on helping my clients and potential clients.

  5. Hello Joan! All great tips here my friend and I just loved all your questions too.. I did take them one by one and answered them in my journal! It was a good practice for me to take a deeper look at what kind of value I can share to my audience..

    Great Share
    Chery :))

  6. Joan,
    Great Article with all the tips and tricks that will improve the outcome of any blog . I know that the call to action is something I need to incorporate into my blogging. Great Post….

    Lori English

  7. Hi Joan! Coming to you from the Virtual Brainstorming FB group. What a valuable resource you’ve provided. I am getting better at the CTA’s and need to be consistent with it. Great reminders and nuggets here for all bloggers and entrepreneurs. Thanks!

  8. Joyce Hansen says:

    It’s so nice to have all these key points spelled out for us, Joan. You set the right tone by reminding us that our content is not for our collegues, but for our customers. Sometimes you have to hit people over the head to get that one to sink in.

    • Absolutely Joyce, sometimes you do have to hit people over the head to get a very important point to sink in, especially a reminder as important as this!

  9. I think creating content in the first place and marketing it well is what largely separates people who experience success or failure in our industry. Nice post, well explained, thank you for sharing Joan.

  10. Hey Joan,

    Content repurposing can be a very efficient way to make the most of our great content creation efforts. Numerous content pieces can stem from just one main idea, each catering to a different audience in a unique way. The process of repurposing can save our time and money and extend our initial content marketing investment, making it a worthwhile strategy.

    It appears clear that content creators are turning to repurposed content to improve SEO, reach new customers and increase retention rates. We can adjust our content to reflect the medium it is going out from, ensuring that we add value to our readers. We can start by tweeting out the most interesting parts of our content that we feel for audience, will enjoy the most. Building a website is the most common way affiliates launch ourself into the affiliate marketing world, and if we’re interested in creating a long-term business we’ll inevitably need to put together a website. Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Hi Amar 🙂
      Thank you for your awesome feedback and comment! Yes, content repurposing is a very efficient way to make the most of older posts 🙂 A little tweak here and there will make it look like a brand new post! Appreciate your stopping by!

  11. Hey Joan, Writing for the people we serve I remember how much easier blogging became for me when I got this part right. You have many golden nuggets in this post. I will share I think it can help others.

  12. Hey Joan, Needed information for sure. I definitely try to work for those in need. At one point I wanted my blog to be for the user and the professional. Then it dawned on me that the professional has so many places to go to for education on my topic but those who need help are in the dark when it comes to finding out some really needed info regarding treatment. Thanks

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