Wondering What Makes People Buy?

Why Do You Think People Buy?









The Reasons Are Simple But Powerful.….





People buy for their reasons only – not ours.





Most businesses feel very confident that they understand their prospects’ reasons for buying… but in many cases, they’re mistaken.




To see if you’re on the right track or not, says Gary Korisko, Reboot Authentic,  answer these 4 questions honestly…

1. Do you lose a lot of sales based on price objections?
2. Do you have trouble getting people to respond to you? (email/phone)
3. Are you frustrated by the fact that some competitors seem to be doing better than you?
4. Do you think the “bad economy” is primarily to blame for your low sales?




Like most powerful concepts, the real reasons people buy are incredibly simple……







Here are Gary’s 6 Real Reasons Why People Buy 







1:    They Understand What You’re Selling.

  • This means that you’ve very clearly and simply explained the features and benefits of your offering.
  • Whether you talked with them one-on-one or explained it in writing – you have thoroughly explained and clarified what your offering is, what it does, and how it can help your prospect.



2:  Because The Value is High and The Price is Fair

  • Value is different than price.
  • Value is about relative worth.
  • If value is high, people will pay more for it – as long as they price is perceived as being fair in comparison to the value received.


3:  There’s Something Different About You

  • Prospects can see when you have a different attitude or culture than everyone else, and that’s a big deal these days.
  • What is that little extra buh-zing that you can provide that no one else can?
  • Figure it out and make sure others can see it.



4:  They Believe Your Offering Will Impact Profit or Productivity

  • It’s your job to show them how what you offer can impact productivity and profitability.



5:  They Understand the Selling Relationship

  • A lot of people have misplaced guilt over selling.
  • This goes back to the popular but wrong idea that selling is something you do to someone.
  • In reality, selling is something you do with or for someone.
  • Your prospects need to know that there’s a reciprocal relationship in the selling process.
  • They buy something from you that makes their life or business better – and in return you get money to make your life or business better.
  • You’ll find that as long as your customer is receiving value, they will take great pride in seeing you succeed as a result of their patronage.


6: They Buy Because of YOU

  • Perhaps the most powerful reason of all – people buy because they like you, trust you, and have faith in you.
  • It takes time to develop credibility and trust, but once you do, the relationship can’t help but follow.
  • The simple truth is that when you reach out to get to know someone on a meaningful level and you serve them well over time, they become a fan… and if you’re lucky, a friend.






Implementing these 6 concepts is relatively easy.





Before you engaging in any sales or marketing efforts, simply create questions based on the six points above to double-check whether or not you’re properly focusing on the buyer.

1: Have I thoroughly explained my offering?
2: Am I offering substantial value?
3: Have I clearly differentiated myself from my competitors?
4: Does my offering clearly impact the buyer’s productivity or profitability?
5: Have I been honest about, and made my prospect comfortable with, the selling relationship?
6: What have I done to engage with and endear myself to my prospect?






If you come from a place of servitude and understand the reasons prospects buy, you will sell to more people and you will have happy, repeat customers.











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  1. Joan,
    I always learn something helpful from your blog posts! I especially like #3: there’s something different about you. I agree with this, especially in a crowded marketplace.

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