How To Woo Your Twitter Followers

Tips To Woo Your Twitter Followers







How can you stand out and get your tweets noticed in the endless stream of twitter and chatter?


Sometimes the endless stream of tweets feels like one-way traffic.


Twitter isn’t a sales platform, it’s a giant networking event.






To Twitter Effectively, You Need To Follow These Tips From Henneke:




  • Tweet your own posts a maximum of three times, and write a different tweet each time you tweet it…

  • Use one or two hashtags, or none – Too many hashtags bury your message. 

  • Avoid automatic DMs – You don’t walk through your high street and shove a note like me or circle me under people’s noses, do you?



Engage people by following these simple tips.

  • Find people whose tweets you enjoy.
  • Show a clear picture of your face.
  • Have something to say.
  • Don’t mindlessly click tweet buttons on blog posts all the time because that’s what most people do.
  • Share your opinion – Add a valuable remark to a retweet rather than lazily clicking retweet.
  • Use a thank you as an opportunity to connect, not as a meaningless obligation for each and every retweet.
  • Use Twitter handles to acknowledge a blogger – Including a blogger’s Twitter handle is like saying thank you for writing plus it’s an opportunity to engage.
  • Use the power of the period – When you reply to someone, use a period before their Twitter handle if you want more people to see your reply.
  • Try to keep your tweets to fewer than 120 characters, because it makes it easier to retweet.
  • Don’t talk about what you’re doing – Talk about what fascinates you.



How to write tweets that get noticed

  • Writing tweets is fantastic practice to improve your writing skills.
  • Be concise.
  • Grab attention with power words.
  • Learn to develop your own voice.
  • Develop your own style – Mix it up, experiment, and find out what works.
  • Start a tweet with New blog post, when you’ve published a new post – people are attracted to new stuff.
  • Use your own favorite phrases, because it adds personality to your tweets.
  • Be enthusiastic about what you’re sharing because it shows.
  • Try using the word you, because it feels more like a real conversation – And tweets with the word you get retweeted more often.
  • Wink, smile, or try a big grin – Use emoticons, because it makes you more human.
  • Write your tweets as if each word matters, because it does.





Like with all types of conversation, you need to find out what works for you.


Learn how to show your enthusiasm.


Demonstrate your expertise.


Decide whether you’re comfortable with personal tweets or not.


Twitter will be most successful for your business if you let your personality shine through.


Be you.


And most importantly…..have fun.





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