How to Write Conversational Content

Conversational writing is not just about HOW you write







Here are some essential tips on how to write conversational content by Henneke…..Enjoy!




Stop writing to everyone

  • You can’t write to a faceless crowd of subscribers.
  • Writing to a crowd kills your voice.
  • Instead of thinking of all the people on your list, think of your favorite reader only.
  • Imagine her opening your email.
  • Picture her chuckling at your jokes and nodding along as she agrees with your points.
  • You only write to her.
  • Your emails immediately become more engaging; and most people on your list will feel as if you’re emailing them personally



How to write conversational content

  • Conversational content makes your reader feel you’re talking WITH himNOT talking TO him.
  • You’re engaging him in your conversation.
  • He’s hearing your voice.
  • Creating conversational text means writing a crappy first draft and then editing that crappy draft to make it more conversational.
  • Conversational writing is simple and easy to read.



“You only need to apply 2 essential tools to chat with your readers” says Henneke:



Essential tool of conversational writing #1

  • Good salesmen and good conversationalists have a lot in common: they talk less about themselves and more about their listeners.
  • To make your text engaging, check how often you’ve used the words I, we,me, and us.
  • Now, count how often you’ve used the word you.
  • Engage your reader by addressing him with the word you.



Essential tool of conversational writing #2

  • A good conversation includes questions.
  • When your reader is gliding through your text on auto-pilot, a question slows him briefly down as his brain starts thinking about the answer.
  • Questions make your readers pay attention and give them the feeling you’re having a conversation.



Conversational writing is not just about HOW you write

  • You listen well, you ask questions, and you give your readers space to breathe.
  • Each time you “chat” with your reader and drink a cup of coffee together, give them a slice of your best home-made cake.
  • A virtual slice of cake is a tip your readers can implement today or tomorrow.
  • Make sure your virtual slice of cake/ tip is so good, that next time your readers see your email popping up, their mouths start watering – they crave reading your next post.
  • Be a good friend.
  • Listen.
  • Empathize.
  • And offer useful advice.




Be a rebel and break the rules.



Set yourself free and play.





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