How To Write A Great Google+ Post

The Art of Writing Great Google+ Posts










Writing Great Google+ Posts





Today, I am going to share some fantastic value from author/blogger Demian Farnworth, where he will teach you how to create Google+ posts that get lots and lots of attention , shared, and comments.




Let’s get down to the quick and dirty now shall we?











Here are 5 tips for writing Google+ posts that get shared …




1. The image

  • Google+ is a lot like a blog, but it’s also a lot like Pinterest where the image rules.
  • An image can make or break your post.
  • Choosing a good image for non-designers boils down to this: know where to look. 



2. Headline

Follow all the headline writing rules … like the four Us:

  • Unique
  • Useful
  • Ultra-specific
  • Urgent

Keep your headline under 60 characters



3. First sentence (pay attention … this is crucial)

  • Your first sentence has to be a gripping teaser to get people to click “Read More.”
  • A good opening will get your post read.
  • A bad opening will get your post ignored.
  • It helps to get straight to the point:
  • Find the hook.
  • Just like in copywriting, your first sentence is one of the most important elements of your Google+ post.



4. Body copy

Google+ doesn’t give you much in the way of formatting, but you can format your posts with these four tips:

  • Bold: Use asterisks around a word to bold it. Or around your headline — which amounts to the first sentence of your post.
  • Italics: Use underscores around the word/s you want to italicize.
  • Strikeout: Run a line through a word or sentence (strikethrough) by putting hypens around that word or sentence.
  • Bullets: If you want a list to stand out in a Google+ post, hit your space bar, enter a hypen, and then hit your space bar again. This is primitive, but it works.

Keep in mind: you can always edit your posts once you publish.



5. Choose and share with your audience

  • Knowing your audience is critical to high interaction and conversion.
  • One of the beauties and distinct differences from other social networks are Google+ Circles.
  • Google allows you to segment your audience with specific Circles.
  • Circles allow you to build audiences around a common interest.

Here is just a few ideas of what kind of content you should share:

  • Share niche ideas that might not float on your blog.
  • Write responses to other people’s Google+ posts or online articles (don’t just share a link … write a commentary).
  • Test new ideas on Google+ — then re-create on your own blog.
  • Treat it like a travel journal.





There you have it,  the nuts and bolts of publishing great content on Google+.





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