How To Write Persuasive Copy

So, You Think You Know How To Write Persuasive Copy?










Does your copy lack a little persuasion and seductiveness?





Here are 5 persuasive writing techniques by Henneke that will help make your copy seductive so you can turn more web visitors into clients




1.  Use the persuasion power of IMAGINATION

  •  Imagination increases desire


2.  Use the compelling power of the word Because

  • Give people a reason WHY they should believe you


3.  Appeal to the senses with SENSORY words

  • Because they make us feel, see, hear, smell or taste your words


 4.  Use the SEDUCTIVE power of MINI stories

  •  They LOWER your barrier to sales messages


 5.  Compose MEMORABLE sound bites

  • Why do you remember nursery rhymes ?






Writing persuasive copy is both science and art




You need to understand what makes your readers tick.




Appeal to their desires……Their wishes……Their dreams.










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