How To Write Persuasive Copy

So, You Think You Know How To Write Persuasive Copy?










Does your copy lack a little persuasion and seductiveness?





Here are 5 persuasive writing techniques by Henneke that will help make your copy seductive so you can turn more web visitors into clients




1.  Use the persuasion power of IMAGINATION

  •  Imagination increases desire


2.  Use the compelling power of the word Because

  • Give people a reason WHY they should believe you


3.  Appeal to the senses with SENSORY words

  • Because they make us feel, see, hear, smell or taste your words


 4.  Use the SEDUCTIVE power of MINI stories

  •  They LOWER your barrier to sales messages


 5.  Compose MEMORABLE sound bites

  • Why do you remember nursery rhymes ?






Writing persuasive copy is both science and art




You need to understand what makes your readers tick.




Appeal to their desires……Their wishes……Their dreams.










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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “How To Write Persuasive Copy”

  1. Great fun points of value, Joan – and yes Power Words are just so compelling and attractive as they pull us in! 🙂 Big Hugs – I didn’t forget the Guest Post – I am hoping to have it done today!!

  2. Thanks Joan!

    Why or how is it, that the truly great ones such as yourself, always make it look or seem a whole easier than it really is!

    Great tips and thanks so much for sharing them!

  3. Hi Joan,

    Out of all the good tips you have given here, I have to say that #3 is my favorite! Sensory words do provide that knee jerk reaction to others. I’ve played around with this one for a while now…tweaking away lol. But once we hit it correctly, the response is amazing!


  4. You summed up the most important points in copywriting succinctly…

    Our brains are wired to think in pictures…

    When we can get our prospects to think, feel, and see themselves in the picture we are creating, they will buy from us!

    Dr. Lisa

  5. Hello Joan!

    This is my first time here. You stopped by my blog yesterday and I had to come and see what you are up to!

    My best take-away from your post is that you made me think about how important using our senses is! I already know that if I think about something, let’s say a goal, it will have more power in my life if I write it down, read it daily, and I look at an image to remind me. Using imagination and visualization, writing and reading… you stay more top-of-mind for the reader.

    Easy simple tips that when put together, make for powerful share-able content! 🙂

    Thanks Joan for the reminder!


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