How To Write More Persuasive Emails That Get Opened

Here Are 5 Foolproof Ways to Writing More Persuasive Emails That Get Opened





Carly Stec, Content Marketing Manger, IMPACT, has put together a cut-and-dried list of 5 foolproof tips to walk marketers through how to write more persuasive marketing emails that get opened (and clicked.)



1. Scrap the passive voice

  • When it comes to persuasive writing, you want to avoid the passive voice at all costs.
  • Typically, sentences written in a passive voice are overly complicated, thus they are harder to understand.
  • Aware that writing is rewriting, be sure to read through your copy a few times to identify and alter sentences that take a passive approach.

2. Focus on framing

  • A great deal of our decision making process is susceptible to the way in which a case is presented to us.
  • Often times people’s fear of missing out weighs heavier than their interest in gaining something.
  • With this in mind, consider framing your copy to reflect the outcome of choosing not to take the desired action. Will it cost them money? Will it put them a step behind their competitors? Will if cause people to look at them differently?
  • While this is something that you’ll want to A/B test against the alternative to determine how your recipients respond to it, there is plenty of research to back its effectivity.

3. Pay attention to what comes first (and last)

  • According to the “serial position effect”, people are more likely to recall the first and last items on a list rather than the middle ones.
  • The reason being that items that appeared early on were distinguished from the others as a result of the primacy effect, and at the time of the recall the words that fell at the end remained in the short-term memory (recency effect.)
  • To apply this insight to your marketing emails, consider the way you position information that appears in a bulleted or numbered list.
  • While breaking down content into lists helps to ease readability, you’ll want to be sure that you make your most important point first, or save them for last.
  • This concept can also be applied to your copy as a whole.
  • Start strong, making sure to convey value right off the bat, and end with a call-to-action that’s hard to say no to.

4. Draw a comparison

  • Shape your argument in the form of a relatable comparison.
  • Whether it be a story, a metaphor, or an analogy, rooting your point in something familiar helps to eliminate the amount of explaining you have to do.
  • Aware that less is more, this approach leaves more room for what’s important.
  • Not to mention, often times drawing a connection between two things will evoke an emotional resonance which can be used to your advantage.
  • Considering our emotions are highly responsible for driving our decision making, you’ll want to focus on creating a story that speak to their pathos.

5. Avoid opinions

  • The trouble with opinions is that they’re easy to argue. Facts aren’t.
  • With that said, the performance of your marketing email relies heavily on your ability to back up your claims.
  • If they’re not rooted in something credible, you’re giving the recipients no reason to take you seriously.



To ensure that your next email is more than just a collection of weightless opinions, be sure carefully dissect your copy to identify weak points. The goal is to present the recipients with a case that is hard to poke holes in.



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