How To Write Persuasive Landing Page Content

Writing Persuasive Landing Page Content…..What You Need To Know








How to write persuasive landing page content




First you need to learn how to persuade because your landing page is prime real estate online






Here are 8 strategies that you need to learn by John Bonini, Impact, so you can write persuasive landing page content right




 1.  Provide actionable benefits

  • Instead of promoting the main features of your solution, promote the value of it.
  • Benefits are real.
  • Features are geeky and abstract.
  • And really, who cares as long as whatever you’re offering solves a problem?


2.  Convey empathy

  • “The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood.” Ralph G. Nichols, author of “Are You Listening?”
  • It goes without saying that before you can convey empathy, you first need a deep understanding of the challenges and interests of the people you serve.
  • Empathy is about radical connection.
  • It’s about people saying, “man, this company gets me.”


3.  Be brief 

  • Brevity is powerful.
  • It’s focused.
  • It’s quick (duh.)


4.  Provide social proof

  • Social proof appeals to people’s sense of “safety in numbers.”
  • People feel safer doing something only if others have done so first.
  • Volume is a factor here, too, as if there’s an overwhelming number of people who have done it, people’s “fear of missing out” inclination kicks in.


5.  Introduce scarcity 

  • It’s one of the oldest tools in a marketer’s tool belt.
  • Every infomercial in history leans heavily on the “call now” or “limited time only” tactic for increasing sales.
  • As a result, you have to be careful here, as you can go from persuasive to shady really quickly.


6.  Create a knowledge gap 

  • One of the most proven ways of drawing an audience in is by introducing a knowledge gap, one that piques their curiosity, and then shows them how to fill it.
  • You can engage a person’s curiosity over a long period of time by systematically ‘opening gaps’ in their knowledge – and then filling those gaps.
  • More simply, it’s natural that we all want to learn about things we perceive to not know now.


7.  Promote exclusivity 

  • The top level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is “self actualization,” or how we view and feel about ourselves.
  • We all want to feel important.
  • More importantly, we need others to affirm this for us.
  • Wheaties claims its cereal is the “breakfast of champions,” or how L’Oréal says, “because you’re worth it, “ – this affirms how certain people view themselves, either as champions or beautiful.
  • Now they’re more likely to buy the product, as “this is what people like me buy.”


8.  Align button text with benefit

  • It’s easy to neglect the button text on a landing page, but rest assured, this is important copy.  
  • The button is either the first or last step required for someone converting on a page.
  • Either way, these are both critical points on the conversion path.
  • Aligning your button text with the actionable benefits of your offer can greatly increase the chances of a click-through. 







When you’re marketing a product you believe in,  it’s your responsibility to not only find the people who need it most, but also to successfully articulate how you can help.





Are you marketing a product or service so helpful that you believe in it with every fiber of your being?







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